Reflect on the Past. Embrace the Present. Prepare for the Future.

Written works from the R. E. P. Yourself Literacy Program

Presented by the 2017 Albany Tulip Queen & Court

R.E.P. Yourself

R.E.P. Yourself is a literacy program founded by the 2017 Albany Tulip Queen and Court to impact the effectiveness of Mayor Sheehan’s Literacy Campaign. Seeking to enhance the literacy skills of mostly school-aged children within Albany County, R.E.P. allows participants to reflect on the past, embrace the present, and prepare for the future through writing about their personal experiences. It focuses on non-profit organizations throughout the Albany community, assisting participants with their writing, reading, public speaking, and collaboration abilities.

The following is a collection of the written works from the participants of the R.E.P. Yourself literacy program during the 2017-2018 academic school year. These works were written from children who participated through the following non-profit organizations: Boys & Girls Club, 15 Love, and the YMCA International Achievers Program. Stories were written within three to six sessions per organization.

The 2017 Albany Tulip Queen and Court would like to thank the participant families and non-profits for allowing R.E.P. Yourself to become a reality and positively impact the lives of Albany, New York’s youth. Without these people and organizations, as well as the Albany community at large, R.E.P. would not have been possible.

A strong belief of the 2017 Albany Tulip Queen and Court is that everyone has a voice. R.E.P. seeks to allow those voices to be heard, because every voice has a story and every story holds great importance.

~Ashley Loggins, Erin, Kelly Phillips, Julianna, and Amanda Volk

Everyone has a voice to be heard and a story to tell.

The 2017 Albany Tulip Queen and Court strives to allow literacy to thrive in the hearts of Albany’s youth.